This article has been contributed by Blueprint cease Meyerson, who we interviewed on the JUST Branding Podcast.

These with miniature expertise naming contemporary manufacturers would possibly well additionally merely imagine it takes miniature more than a slack-night time brainstorm over pizza and beer. Nonetheless the shortage of accessible names, the necessity of agreeable and linguistic viability, and the misfortune of aligning on a single title require a considerably more rigorous draw.

The entire naming course of contains writing a clear naming transient, generating a large checklist of suggestions, and inserting a shortlist thru preliminary trademark displays and linguistic checks. Once this work is finished, you’ll contain an inventory of on-transient, vetted title suggestions. Nonetheless in the ruin, you don’t need an inventory of names – you wish one.

Getting a consumer (or your possess crew, for that matter) to agree on a single brand title is one percent creativity, ninety-9 percent psychology. Per chance that’s an overstatement, however for the entire effort that goes into creating names, unprecedented of the work of naming is in getting a neighborhood of folk – normally with various roles, backgrounds and levels of comfort with ingenious workout routines – to occupy a final title.

That’s where the naming presentation is obtainable in. And it’s why a real naming presentation is never any longer agreeable about showcasing the top seemingly suggestions, however also riding consensus and settle-in. Managing disparate reactions and opinions is a messy commercial, however a well-crafted presentation can mitigate many predictable challenges of consensus-constructing.

Man delivering brand name presentation

How to Structure a Naming Presentation

One motive to direct on a proper presentation of names is that it lends some gravitas to the naming course of and helps make decided the viewers is being attentive. In plan of emailing title suggestions or list them on a whiteboard and asking folk to vote, make a presentation in hotfoot instrument admire PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides. Along with fashioned impart – title hotfoot, agenda, subsequent steps – the naming presentation must restful devour the following 5 sections:

  1. Overview
  2. Evaluate of the naming transient
  3. Priming the viewers
  4. Name suggestions
  5. Summary of title suggestions

Let’s leer every allotment in additional detail.

1. Overview

Launch by reminding the choice-making crew that the reason for the assembly is to occupy a handful of most well-preferred title candidates – no longer to settle a final title. (This reminder sets the agreeable expectations and takes some stress off the assembly.) They can’t narrow it correct down to one at this level in the scheme, on story of title suggestions would possibly contain solely passed thru preliminary trademark searches. A more in-depth agreeable search must restful dispute the final decision. Attributable to that deeper search can nix lots of names, idea on sending 5 or six to the attorneys.

Sharing a course of overview at this level also can wait on as a subtle reminder of how unprecedented work has long gone into the names you’re about to fragment – that these are no longer agreeable a vary of your popular, off-the-cuff suggestions, however title candidates derived thru a rigorous course of.

Steps of a typical brand naming process

2. Evaluate of the Naming Transient

As talked about, the open of the naming course of must restful encompass the creation and approval of a detailed naming transient, featuring files equivalent to what’s being named, what suggestions the title must restful elevate, what forms of names are in bounds and out, and the desired tonality of the title.

Although the viewers is intimately mindful of the naming transient, it’s simplest to ascertain it once more, straight sooner than assessing names. Remind each person what served as a “leaping off level” for naming, what was once explored and refrained from, and any other relevant essential parts from the transient.

3. Priming the Audience

The subsequent allotment of the presentation targets to attach assembly attendees in the agreeable suggestions-residence for reviewing names (i.e. right here comes some psychology). Every hotfoot counters a general misconception of naming that will additionally derail the presentation. Slides on this allotment normally encompass the following reminders:

  • The strongest brand names are grounded in scheme. Decision-makers must restful put a question to themselves which title will work, no longer which title they admire presumably the most. Factual names are also stretchable ample to enhance future growth, straightforward to have in suggestions, and legally and linguistically viable (amongst other attributes).
  • The title is agreeable one segment of the brand. Dwell faraway from the temptation to strive to make the title “dispute all the things” since it would possibly well perhaps likely be considered or heard in the context of a visible identity, messaging and other brand parts. This level would possibly well additionally very well be demonstrated by showing a title that looks to be like admire “agreeable a discover on a hotfoot” until other brand parts – a emblem, a equipment, a websites – are added.
  • Keep an initiate suggestions. Judge names admire Caterpillar, Virgin, or Starbucks, which in the open must contain felt silly, controversial, or in any other case problematic. Suppress knee-jerk reactions at this stage – the top seemingly title suggestions can undoubtedly feel off-inserting in the open.
  • Don’t demand a title to “bounce off the gain page.” Names are infrequently admire in the open leer. Although one decision-maker favors a title straight, probabilities are the relaxation of the crew won’t undoubtedly feel the same draw.
  • The lawyers will must test names sooner than you open the exercise of 1 (i.e. you’re no longer walking out of this assembly with a final title).
  • Some naming displays encompass a hotfoot highlighting the total chance of names generated. Whenever you’re presenting twenty, your master checklist would possibly well additionally merely devour 500. Just like the scheme overview above, this files hints at the exhausting work at the abet of the names. On the opposite hand, sharing these numbers would possibly well lead attendees to attach a question to access to the plump checklist, which is simplest refrained from.

Sooner than sharing names, I indicate telling the viewers you’ll display masks the entire suggestions first, then invite dialogue. This fashion is more efficient and encourages review of the names as a neighborhood, pretty than one after the other. By assessing the plump checklist without delay, attendees can more with out danger imagine which names will work simplest from a strategic standpoint, as against attempting at every idea in isolation and asking themselves, “Construct I admire this title?”

4. Name Suggestions

The “agreeable” chance of names to display masks depends partly on what forms of names you’ve explored, whether you’ll be doing just a few rounds of naming, and other mission-explicit essential parts. Nonetheless strive to to find the candy enviornment: Fresh too few, and the viewers will undoubtedly feel your exploration didn’t bound a long way ample. Worse, you’ll contain lowered the chance that lots of of your suggestions will resonate. On the opposite hand, must you display masks too many names, the choice-making crew would possibly well additionally merely be overwhelmed and endure from “paralysis by evaluation.” All else being equal, I admire to fragment 20–30 title suggestions in a conventional, first-round naming presentation.

Device a hotfoot for every title in keeping with a straightforward template that choices:

  • The title, cease to the heart of the hotfoot, in a gleaming, neutral font
  • Optionally, a handful of bullet parts at the bottom of the hotfoot (smaller text) with rationale, strengths of the postulate, relevant definitions, or illustrative marketing reproduction
  • A visual relief – a straightforward mockup showing the title in a practical context to abet the viewers make the a very noteworthy “psychological bounce” to envisage the postulate as a brand title.

To guide clear of biasing decision-makers, make the visible relief almost about identical on every hotfoot (although you’d must alternate between two identical designs so viewers don’t develop to be “blind” to the mockups). Whenever you’re naming a company, a commercial card can work well – a neutral, grayscale carry out with a handful of practical essential parts admire the corporate’s address and a “®” subsequent to the title. Whenever you’re engaged on a product title, a mock equipment or webpage would possibly well additionally work. Construct no longer produce an top seemingly visible identity or mockup for every title.

Visual aid examples

As you display masks every hotfoot, dispute the title out loud. It’s essential that the viewers hear the suggestions, too, to ascertain pronunciation, relief in remove, and imagine the title in an audio-solely context (e.g. over the cell phone or in a radio ad). Subsequent, make a case for the title—level to where the postulate came from, why you deem it’s attention-grabbing, why you admire it, or one thing else significant. Your operate shouldn’t be to “exhausting promote” the title, however to make decided your viewers has a well-rounded working out of the postulate and time to course of it utterly sooner than transferring to the following hotfoot.

A transient display masks on the dispute of the names: Strive no longer to overthink it, however must you’d additionally, a) receive any anticipated suggestions out of the fashion first (e.g. any listed in the transient), b) put very identical names subsequent to every other (as “adaptations on a theme”) and c) given the primacy and recency results, err on the side of inserting stronger candidates closer to the open and the tip of the presentation.

5. Summary Mosey

Directly following the particular person title slides, exhibit an alphabetical checklist of every title from the presentation, all on one hotfoot.

Directions for suggestions

Now comes the 2nd of fact. Assuming attendees contain refrained from sharing their opinions all over the presentation, that is your first opportunity to listen to what’s resonating. The success or failure of the entire assembly would possibly well additionally merely hinge on the following few phrases uttered. As an illustration, imagine this worst-case scenario: The CEO blurts out, “I don’t admire any of these.” If no one’s courageous ample to contradict the boss, the assembly is over, and you’ll contain danger regaining the crew’s self belief.

For certain, must you’ve performed your homework, a swift dismissal of the entire names is never any longer likely. More likely reactions at the tip of a naming presentation encompass, “We undoubtedly can’t exercise that one” or “I deem we are in a position to all agree these three won’t work.” Faced with a advanced decision, it’s natural to pursue a course of-of-elimination scheme. Nonetheless as soon as a detrimental idea is hooked as a lot as a title, it creates a chilling attain – someone who loved the postulate is much less likely to talk about up. Whenever you let each person snipe at their least popular names – even for ridiculous reasons – they’ll decimate your checklist sooner than you’d additionally dispute “Boaty McBoatface.”

To guide clear of this destiny, I indicate being considerably dictatorial in your directions. Right here’s an example of what I would possibly well dispute as soon because the summary hotfoot looks on the display masks:

“Right here are the 25 names I agreeable equipped, in alphabetical dispute. I must receive your suggestions now, however I need you to follow one rule: Please open by sharing solely your optimistic reactions.

With this many names, you presumably seen just a few you deem can’t work. That’s okay – it’s segment of the scheme. Nonetheless occupy any detrimental suggestions to your self, for now, to steer clear of biasing each person else. Although we in the ruin reject a title, now we contain got to know what folk admire about it on story of it would possibly well additionally merely spark any other idea.”

These directions produce the opposite of a chilling attain (a warming attain?): As a replacement of a single “I don’t admire it” poisoning the total dialogue, optimistic reactions will unfold contagiously at some level of the neighborhood. These who were too petrified to advocate for an thought will likely be more likely to attain so. Your viewers would possibly well additionally merely even pile on, interesting to fragment what they admire about a title that’s starting to explore admire a crowd popular.

As assembly attendees checklist the names they undoubtedly feel real about, occupy a non-public tally. Once each person has had an opportunity to talk about, fragment some suggestions on which suggestions the crew is rallying round. These names are frontrunners for plump agreeable searches. If the mission requires a additional round of naming, selected names would possibly well additionally merely additionally dispute future title generation.

After the Presentation

One final idea about naming displays: While it’s fashioned prepare to send out a hotfoot deck after presenting, steer clear of sending it to someone who didn’t encourage the assembly, and remind recipients to withhold it to themselves. Emailing a naming presentation (or worse but, pasting names into an electronic mail) deprives the names of essential context. Whenever you’ve be taught this a long way, you already sign the significance of inserting title suggestions in context – priming the viewers, reviewing the transient and managing the dialogue. Without the presentation, you’d additionally merely contain an inventory of ingenious suggestions, however you’re missing the opposite ninety-9 percent.

In Summary: Dos and Don’ts

My suggestions aren’t one-dimension-suits-all; I abet you to experiment and to find what works simplest for you when presenting names. Nonetheless unprecedented of my advice stems from trial and mistake – I’ve made a good deal of mistakes and watched other branding professionals bomb admire a standup amusing on an off night time. I’m hoping this article will indicate you’d additionally steer clear of that destiny. With that in suggestions, right here’s an inventory of dos and don’ts for naming displays:

Dos and don'ts for brand naming presentations


About the creator: Blueprint cease Meyerson is a brand guide, knowledgeable namer and host of the How Manufacturers Are Built podcast. He is also foremost and founding father of Heirloom, an self reliant brand scheme and identity firm in the San Francisco Bay Set aside of residing.