Tune in on August 17 for a Kohler Damage Takeover of DesignTV by SANDOW and the Interior Damage Instagram legend, that choices a 1on1 interview hosted by Editor in Chief Cindy Allen with David Kohler, unusual product announcements, and conversations with designers.

The DesignTV by SANDOW programming schedule entails:

> 1on1 with David Kohler, hosted by Cindy Allen

> Product Stay with Shawn Sales explain, hosted by Helene Oberman

> Product Stay with Erin Lilly, hosted by Helene Oberman

> 1on1 with Sara Duffy, hosted by Cindy Allen

Then, head over to the Interior Damage Instagram web content for a completely different episode of “Hi there Cindy,” hosted by Cindy Allen, produced in partnership with Kohler.

For extra on Kohler, consult with kohler.com.

Taking a peek for past episodes of DesignTV from Interior Damage? Survey On Interrogate.

Have tips for future programming? Reach out to idsales@interiordesign.get.