This needs to be taught in colleges or one thing.

I am simply going to be straight-up right here.


Catherine O’Hara is an actor.

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Catherine performs Moira Rose on Schitt’s Creek.

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Within the early ’90s, Catherine performed Kevin’s mother in Residence Alone.

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Moira and Kevin’s mother are the identical particular person.

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From my extraordinarily fast Twitter search, it appears to be one thing lots of people do not know.

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The next folks’s identities have been protected as a result of HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THIS?

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“You are telling me Moira Rose is the mother from Residence Alone,” this particular person requested.


“I by no means knew this,” one other mentioned.


Folks all around the globe are simply Kylie Jenner realizing issues.


So, yeah, Moira and Kevin’s mother = identical particular person.


No offense, however I am unable to imagine that you simply all cannot imagine it!


And, only for a bonus, Catherine truly re-created the long-lasting “KEVIN!!!” scene on TikTok.