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Spiky Ring Kids Math Game

Started working with Unity3d on Spiky Ring Kids Math Game. Unity3d is getting more and more my favourite Tool. I really love developing Games with Unity3D.

Main Objective

The Catch in Spiky Ring Kids Math Game is you have to solve Mathematical Questions by calculation.. and picking right Answer. Then you will be able ..but oooooonly then to shoot the SPIKY RING .. with Arrows. Spiky Ring Kids Math Game is a bit complex.. and im a big Noob.. but im learning quickly. Its quite addictive. and you learn to calculate in Head again. Specially developed for Kids. This was originally built by Yavuz Inanc . The Repo is available here.


You have to solve Math equations.. earn arrows to shoot.. then after you solved the right amount of correct answers .. you can shoot the SPIKY RING with your arrows!

Released On



Polygon Paradise



File Size

28 MB


Cengiz Goren
Cengiz Goren

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