Not for nothing Yoga is one of the trend sports. It strengthens coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance, boosts the metabolism, prevents cardiovascular diseases and supports the musculoskeletal system. But what do you wear to yoga and what should you pay attention to? Beginners in particular are often at a loss in front of the wardrobe. We have summarized for you what you should pay attention to so that your clothes do not get in the way of your yoga class.#1 Freedom of movementFirst things first. Your outfit should give you the freedom of movement you need. This also means that you don’t have to tug it back after every movement. The yoga clothing should also be tight but not restrict you.If you prefer to wear wide tops, you should make sure to wear an intestine-fitting bra. This way you can be sure that you can move without hesitation.

#2 Yoga only in a bra ?!

Of course you can also do without a shirt and only practice in a bra. Here you should pay attention to a good fit.

#three onion look

So that you don’t freeze after sweaty exercises when you relax, always take something to put on. Additionally, always design your outfit as flexible as possible to be able to react to yourself and your feelings.

#for opaque pants

Your yoga pants should be opaque even under stress. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Stand with your back to the mirror and look between your legs. This way you can see if your pants prevent unwanted glances.

#5 Yoga in short pants?!

When you think of yoga, you see people in long pants. Why is that and can’t you do it in shorts? Sure it does! The downside is that many people only feel comfortable in wide shorts and most movements reveal more than they want to. If you want to wear short pants, you should additionally make sure that they fit tight.

#6 harem pants

Wide or tight long trousers – here everyone has his personal preference. Originally the harem pants come from the traditional yoga area. They are perfect for all those who do not feel comfortable in tight tights. Due to the wide cut you have enough freedom of movement.

#7 Accessories

Besides the right outfit you should also bring the right accessories to your yoga class. Don’t forget your yoga mat and a towel. It’s perfect if you have a carrying strap on your mat or a carrying bag included in the delivery. All with long hair are recommended to have a hair tie at hand or to secure their hair in advance.

You should feel comfortable in the clothes you wear for yoga. Only then can you concentrate on the exercises and not be distracted by trivialities. In addition, put on your feel-good outfit and off you go to the next yoga session.

One more tip at the end:

If you can’t do the candle in yoga, just do a tea light ?

You want to improve your posture? These simple tips will help you!